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Abstract of Polymeren in medische toepassingen - 1999      1999

A future for SEBS based compounds in medical applications

SEBS block copolymers are thermoplastic elastomers that combine the properties of thermoplastics and rubbers in one polymer. The SEBS-polymers can not be used in a pure form but have to be compounded with others materals to make them suitable for processing. The SEBS polymers are very pure and therfore an excellent base for a great variety of products for use in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Compounds of SEBS polymers are already used in a great ranges of totally different (medical)applications. Therefore it can be said that SEBS compounds are a versatile material. This is owed to the work of the compounder, who has been able to modify the SEBS polymers according to the wishes of the customers. The importance of a 'Custom compounder' becomes clear. New SEBS polymers are coming onto the market. This gives the compounder and the product-designer new opportunities in all kind of developments like e.g.: soft touch for engineering plastics, tie-layers for film applications, flexible polyolefines as an alternative for PVC, etc. Wittenburg have recently developed together with their customers, a wide range of materials that can be used as an alternative for glass, PVC and the semi-rigid polyolefines in e.g. IV-containers, CAPD-bags, bloodbags, etc. With this ranges of compounds, it is possible for the IV-bag producer to take part in the development of new applications, where the possibilities with soft-PVC stop.